Work Package 1: Performance of BIPV/BAPV installations in Norway

PV Google Map Customizer This work package will try to answer the following questions:

The number of PV installations in Norway has been growing quickly during the last few years. In 2015, the cumulative installed PV power was 3.2 MW for grid-connected systems and 12.0 MW for stand-alone systems. Updated figures can be found in the annual release of the "National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in Norway", downloaded from the IEA PVPS webpage.

As the market grows, it is challenging to keep an updated list of all installations but most systems until 2016 have been plotted in this Interactive Map. Below, selected BIPV and BAPV systems are presented in more detail.

WP1 activities

WT 1.1: Data collection and documentation.
Data is collected by means of interviews with system owners/operators, literature search (publications, reports, IEA PVPS tasks), and information from collaborating project partners. Systems to be evaluated must have a minimum set of data available, i.e., characteristic system parameters, time-resolved power production data, and preferrably records of irradiation and ambient temperature. Where available, the project will also collect information about installation, operation and maintenance processes (costs, frequency, replacements, faults, etc). The selection of representative systems will include: (i) Both BIPV and BAPV systems. (ii) Different regions of Norway (climate/irradiation conditions). (iii) Different system types and sizes (kWp installed).

WT 1.2: System performance evaluation.
This activity will be performed in two parts. An initial screening of BIPV and BAPV systems in Norway will identify systems suitable for further in-depth analysis. Next, the performance of selected BIPV/BAPV systems will be evaluated using methods described in literature and recommended by the IEA PVPS Task13 Performance and Reliability of PV systems. Architectural and technical integration aspects will be evaluated as described in WT1.3.

WT 1.3: Technical and architectural integration.
This activity aims at identifying the challenges with regards to operation and maintenance, installation, building-technical integration, architectural integration, and indoor comfort. The evaluation of technical and architectural integration of BIPV will take into account recommendations by Norwegian architects for further BIPV development (e.g., PhD work by Claudia Farkas, NTNU).

WP1 results:

Results from WP1 activities include:

A.G. Imenes, Performance of BIPV and BAPV Installations in Norway, 43rd IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, 5-10 Jun 2016, Portland US. Download Poster. Article in proceedings: Article.

An online resource containing documentation of the evaluated BIPV/BAPV cases is found below.

BIPV systems

Oseana art & culture center

Location: Os outside Bergen (Os municipality in Hordaland county).
  • Link to project results (Oseana)
  • Solsmaragden office building

    Location: Drammen (Drammen municipality in Buskerud county).
  • Link to project results (Solsmaragden)
  • Brynseng primary school

    Location: Oslo (Oslo municipality in Oslo county).
  • Link to project results (Brynseng)
  • Kiwi Auli food store

    Location: Aulifeltet (Nes municipality in Akershus county).
  • Link to project results (Kiwi Auli)
  • Skarpnes zero energy homes

    Location: Skarpnes outside Arendal (Arendal municipality in Aust-Agder county).
  • Link to project results (Skarpnes)
  • ASKO Vestby Carport

    Location: Vestby (Vestby municipality in Akershus county).
  • Link to project results (ASKO Vestby Carport)
  • Haldenterminalen industrial storage building

    Location: Halden (Halden municipality in Østfold county).
  • Link to project results (Haldenterminalen) -Not yet active
  • 'Almost-BIPV' systems

    Lerkendal office building, Trønderenergi

    Location: Trondheim (Trondheim municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county).
  • Link to project results (Lerkendal)
  • 'The barn' at Evenstad, Høgskolen i Hedmark

    Location: Evenstad (Stor-Elvdal municipality in Hedmark county).
  • Link to project results (Evenstad) -Not yet active
  • BAPV systems

    ASKO Vestby

    Location: Vestby (Vestby municipality in Akershus county).
  • Link to project results (ASKO Vestby) -Not yet active
  • Kjøita office building, Agder Energi

    Location: Kristiansand (Kristiansand municipality in Vest-Agder county).
  • Link to project results (Kjoita)
  • Kjørbo office building, Asplan Viak

    Location: Sandvika (Bærum municipality in Akershus county).
  • Link to project results (Kjørbo) -Not yet active
  • Økern nursing home

    Location: Økern (Oslo municipality in Oslo county).
  • Link to project results (Økern) -Not yet active

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    WP1 contact person:

    Anne Gerd Imenes, agi(at), Teknova AS