Work Package 4: Solar irradiation issues related to Nordic conditions.


The motivation for this work package is:

WP4 activities:

WT 4.1: Effect of diffuse and variable spectrum radiation on energy production.
This activity consists of two main tasks:
i) Determining the irradiation characteristics and how it affects power production.

ii) Determining the effect of soiling.

WT 4.2: Advanced materials and solutions for better utilization of insolation.
Based on actual conditions, which of the PV technologies available today are best suited in Norway? What are the prerequisites for an optimal product?

The work in this activity will include:

WP4 results:

Results from WP4 activities include:

T. Kolås, "Efficiency of coloured and transparent PV", Integrated Solar Solutions Conference, Vilnius, Litauen, 17 Oct 2019. Presentation.

Linn Tabita Milde, "A study of the performance of two wall attached PV systems in a Nordic climate", Master thesis, J. Selj (co-supervisor), Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Ås, 2018. Master thesis.

Elsa Cubillas, "Performance Analysis on Photovoltaic Plant in Norway", Master thesis, E. Marstein (co-supervisor), Dalarna University, 2018. Abstract.

Helene Arnesen Hasla, "Measurements and analysis of spectral irradiance distributions in Southern Norway", Master thesis, A.G. Imenes (supervisor), University of Agder (UiA), Grimstad, May 2018. Master thesis.

A.G. Imenes, J. Selj, "Irradiance and temperature distributions at high latitudes: Design implications for photovoltaic systems". Poster presentation at the IEEE 44th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference 2017 (PVSC), 25-30 June 2017, Washington DC. Article.

T.A. Brekke, A.G. Imenes, G.H. Yordanov, J. Selj and E. Olsen, Nordic Irradiance Conditions and the Effects on Solar Module Efficiency, Norwegian Solar Cell Conference, 31 May-1 Jun 2016, Son, Norway. Download Poster.

Tobias Brekke "Nordic Irradiance Conditions and the Effects on Solar Module Efficiency", Master thesis, J.Selj (co-supervisor), Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Ås, 2016. Master thesis.

Marcus Graenfenhain, “Energy Yield Simulation Analysis of Bifacial PV Installations in the Nordic Climate”, Master thesis, I. Tsanakas (co-supervisor), Dalarna University, Sverige, September 2017. Master thesis.

”Høyhus i pluss" ("Highrise buildings in plus"). Dagens Næringsliv 25.Sep 2015, av Josefine Krogh Selj. Article (Norwegian).

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WP4 contact person:

Sean Erik Foss, sean.erik.foss(at), IFE